Get the latest and most functional accessories at our online headshop. Whatever you need to make your smoking experience more efficient and convenient, we’re sure to have exactly what you’re looking for. 

Within this collection, you will find an expansive selection of both smoking and vaping accessories. First and foremost, this collection contains all of the standard accessories that you have come across before: glass bowls, dab nails, rolling papers, pipe screens, grinders, ash catchers, filter tips, dabbers, carb caps, and more. We have a huge amount of these standard accessories, and recommend perusing through this collection whenever you need a standard replacement. However, there are also some very unique and original accessories that you may have never seen or heard of. These unique accessories are revolutionizing the industry by solving common problems with no solid solution. For instance, down stems are common water pipe part that cracks or breaks. They just so happen to be of a longer length and have more weak points. But the Titan-Stem Metal Down stem is the latest solution. Created by Ace-Labz, these down stems are adjustable in size. So, you can use them on different sizes water pipes. They even come with interchangeable percolators. Another cutting-edge innovation, within this collection, is the Wrapper by Hemp lights. They took the idea of a lighter holder and took it to the next step. They engineered it to hold hemp wick around its base. Additionally, Hemplights added a feature so the hemp wick is easy to extinguish. You can just pull it through a metal tunnel, which immediately puts out the hemp wick flame.

These accessories aren’t just accessories, but they are also making the smoking experience as easy as can be. Even if you don’t have a particular accessory in mind, it is still worth taking a look at the products in this collection. You are likely to find something you’ve never seen, and you might be inspired by these creative solutions to common smoking peeves.

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