Rolling Papers – Tips

Nothing beats a classic! Rolling papers have been the standby for smokers throughout history, and for good reason. Rolling papers make it simple to roll your own tobacco to the perfect size and amount that you want. Can’t roll? No worries! Grab a rolling machine and have perfectly crafted rollups in seconds! With a variety of brands, materials, and size, we’re sure to have the papers and supplies you’re looking for. We stock some of the top companies in the industry, such as RAWOCBElements, and Shine.

There are various types of rolling papers that you will find within this collection, each with their unique traits. First of all, they vary in size. On the smaller end of the spectrum is the 1-1/4″ and the single wide. These are quite popular, as they are more of the standard. If you’re looking for something slightly bigger, then you should look to king size rolling papers. There is even a 12″ size that we carry, if you are willing to make that kind of commitment. 

Apart from the size of the papers, the material will also differ. Usually, standard rolling papers are made of sugar gum (Arabic gum). For instance, the Premium Rolling Papers by OCB are made from this material. Oftentimes, the white colored papers are bleached. If you don’t want to utilize the bleached papers, we also offer unbleached. The unbleached rolling papers are not white colored, but usually brown. Many of these unbleached rolling papers are made from hemp, even organic hemp. The Organic Rolling Papers by RAW are a prime example.

Apart from the bleached or unbleached materials of rolling papers, there are also some unorthodox materials. Take the Corn Husk Rolling Papers by T. Ras Rolling Co., which are made of actual corn husk. If you think that’s odd, then you should check out the Gold Rolling Papers by Shine Papers.

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